Quick Tip: Visual Studio 2012 and DirectX

Just a quick tip for all those who may be migrating DirectX projects from Visual Studio 2010 to 2012 either on Windows 7 or by switching to Windows 8. You will get A LOT of compile-time warnings. I found out the reason and the fix here. In short, DirectX is now in the Windows SDK and a separate DirectX SDK conflicts a little. Solution to the warnings is (as given in the link above) to remove the DirectX SDK include, or (if you still using D3DX), to move the include to after the Windows SDK include. Happy Programming.

The Whitted Scene

At last! My recent graphics practical has had me doing work in the realms of elementary ray tracing (ie: Whitted Ray Tracing). It is the first time I have ever worked with ray tracing concepts and I must admit that they are quite simple.

Recursively bouncing rays around a mathematically described scene is far simpler than the endless transformations and steps that one has to worry about with rasterisation…and the results complete with perfect reflections and refractions speak for themselves:

The Whitted Scene

The Whitted Scene

When this algorithm was developed some 30 odd years ago, it took the technology of the time 74 minutes to produce the above image. Today it takes less than a second 🙂

Honours – Full Steam Ahead

I have my honours project. It is in AI – can’t really say much more about it at this point. The lack of posts has been due to the insane amount of work I have (the entire year could easily be filled with AI and Graphics).

I am going to try and squeeze in a nice game project in collaboration with Divan Burger (see blogroll) – will post details soon 🙂