m2Work Challenge

I always love a good challenge. The latest is the m2Work challenge. It involves coming up with ideas for mobile microworkers focused in developing countries.
There were 944 ideas submitted and one of mine was chosen as a top six finalist (still not sure how I managed that)…of course Murphy had it that I should get the news in the last 5 minutes of an AI lecture – so as one would expect, I heard nothing of what my lecturer said in those last 5 minutes :-).

Now comes the real work. Slides, Elaboration and a video – all due in a shockingly short period of time, thus I will have to juggle this and my Honours work quite delicately … and my Tennis of course (I started playing Tennis with Divan and the rest of the Computer Scientists and Engineers that I am good friends with).

Now back to my graphics prac…

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