m2Work Challenge

I always love a good challenge. The latest is the m2Work challenge. It involves coming up with ideas for mobile microworkers focused in developing countries.
There were 944 ideas submitted and one of mine was chosen as a top six finalist (still not sure how I managed that)…of course Murphy had it that I should get the news in the last 5 minutes of an AI lecture – so as one would expect, I heard nothing of what my lecturer said in those last 5 minutes :-).

Now comes the real work. Slides, Elaboration and a video – all due in a shockingly short period of time, thus I will have to juggle this and my Honours work quite delicately … and my Tennis of course (I started playing Tennis with Divan and the rest of the Computer Scientists and Engineers that I am good friends with).

Now back to my graphics prac…

Honours – Full Steam Ahead

I have my honours project. It is in AI – can’t really say much more about it at this point. The lack of posts has been due to the insane amount of work I have (the entire year could easily be filled with AI and Graphics).

I am going to try and squeeze in a nice game project in collaboration with Divan Burger (see blogroll) – will post details soon 🙂

New Year, New Possibilities

It has been a while since my last post. Surprisingly I have had a fairly busy holiday. Been working on a project that I am keeping low-key for now. My web-design skills (or lack thereof) got some practice these past few weeks as I have developed a website for my parent’s business (see www.megacage.co.za). In the process I decided to play around a little with Microsoft Silverlight. I already had a little bit of experience with it from the perspective of Windows Phone 7 – but never developed a application from scratch with it. The results can also be seen on the website mentioned above (see Spec Query page).

This year (Happy New Year!) has the potential to become quite busy. I have already got queries from students asking when the weekend programming classes I give will be starting again (when they do, be sure to check back for some tutorials and challenges). I also have mentor duties this year at the university which should be interesting.

This is all of course happening over and above my honours studies. I am planning to choose an interesting and challenging syllabus made up of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Computer Networks, Distributed Computing and Generic Programming. Can’t wait to start :-).

The end of an era approaches

I am two more results away from finishing my degree. The highlight and the greatest challenge of the year has been the final year software engineering project. The project was a resounding success – and so have dedicated a page to it (See HxCAS ).

It seems that each year goes by faster than the previous. The past three years have become a blur. I have sent in my registration for my Honours degree – which ought to be very interesting indeed.

Welcome to my blog

So here it is. I have been wrestling for the thought for a long time now on whether to have a blog or not. So the fact that you are reading this answers the burning question about my decision 🙂

I am planning to publish any sort of programming work I do here – thus allowing this blog to double as my personal portfolio. I will probably also publish tutorials related to some programming languages, especially those that I teach to the high school students involved in our exciting new initiative at The University of Pretoria (more on that later) as well as some of the ACM-type problems and solutions we are working on. Anyway more about me on the About me page.

Welcome again – The Path of Eternal Thought is a journey best made with friends.